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Billez is Salon, Spa & Medispa Marketing Automation Solution which could enable you to automate marketing campaigns and increase recurring customers.

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We’re on an ever evolving mission mission to dream & create a better marketing automation solutions where salon, spa & medispa owners can easily automate marketing campaigns.

Customer or Lead Journey Designer

Once you have a list of emails or leads, you need a path to convert them to sales. That’s the importance of lead nurturing – keeping potential customers interested and engaged in what you’re selling , ultimately leading them to the point that they’re ready to buy and move forward in their journey.

Intelligent Digital Receipts

For Offline merchants, digital receipts can become a marketing opportunity for promoting goods and services. Digital receipts help merchants avoid the cost of purchasing paper and toner cartridges for printing customer receipts. It also helps you stand out as a tech forward brand in the customer’s eyes.

Sales Analytics

Analysing your sales over several years enables you to establish sales patterns. This will assist you in setting your sales budgets in the future. It is especially important to include the analysis when you are developing your marketing plan each year. Your sales analysis will also help you identify where your strengths lie within your product or service range.

ML Based RFM Segmentation & Customer Profiling

Looking to improve your product and service, whilst increasing customer retention? Use our customer feedback tool to ensure that you get the feedback from customer and send them a short survey after every appointment.

Social Data Extraction

Social data helps to understand what your audience likes, what the trends are and what the results of your communication efforts are, to help you refine your brand & products.

Advance CRM

Billez CRM program allows an organization to take advantage of the data they collect every day. Billez CRM will be able to track sales, located trends, and automate many of the interactions that take place.

Digital Channel Integration

Unlike television commercials, which require the full attention of your audience, many people listen to radio while at work, in the car, or on their smartphones while exercising.

Advanced Sales Reports

Need to know how much your salon is making, which member of staff has the most bookings? We have created a range of simple reports to keep you up to date with your business finances.





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