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Take Your Salon / Spa / Medispa To Next Level with Billez's Next Gen CRM that customizes & automates customer engagement

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Customer Analytics

Build a Deep Understanding About Your Customers

Develop a thorough grasp of your customers and utilise that knowledge to better understand their behaviour. Learn what motivates each client & Create a 360* view of your consumers from all of your storefronts, online transactions, and loyalty and feedback programmes. Learn about each customer’s preferences for product categories, when they are most likely to shop again, and what they are most likely to purchase next. This aids you in making the best choices at the appropriate moments to increase conversions and income even more.

User Persona &
Journey Builder

Marketing Automation Specially Designed for Salons & Spas

Just Data Collection & Cleaning is not sufficient. Billez offers and automates a 360* view of every client, In order to enable marketers to develop and customise customer  personas based on favourite items, favourite times of day, next best suggestions, etc., Design data models like a data scientist without the hassle. Run multi-channel engagement journeys that are intended to win over and convert clients.

Martech Operations

We Don't Just Help You Plan, We Help You Do it

Run relevant digital campaigns by contacting your consumers at the appropriate time and place with the appropriate offer. Deliver the same loyalty experience on your website, app, and in-stores so that your loyal customers always feel valued. You can easily conduct tailored campaigns with only a few clicks thanks to the our AI powered user persona identification engine. Additionally, even without defining a very specific persona, you can utilise our AI audience predictions algorithm to find the ideal audience in only 3 clicks for each campaign for your entire customer base.

Next Generation

Identify & Track the Right Data Collection, Marketing & Performance Conversions

Make data-driven marketing decisions by determining the true value of your consumers. Billez aids you in defining the proper KPIs for your organisation. Determine the pattern of frequent return visits, the frequency of returning consumers, the age of the client base, etc. Recognize how much information the brand has gathered over time from different sources and places. This will enable you to monitor your brands true performance.