Marketing Intelligence For Offline Retailers

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to grow and retain customers

Know your customers

Grow your store revenues

Each customer is different. Use buying pattern and social media to understand your customers preferences and spending capacity

Right People

Right Message

Right Channel

Leverage data and predictive analytics to make the most of your precious marketing dollars
Smart marketing automation across SMS, E-mail, Facebook and Google Adwords to acquire, grow and retain more customers

Our Products

360 Degree Profiling

Use all your audience data - from instore purchases, social media channels, to online behavior and more to create 360 degree user profiles. Understand their likes and dislikes, learn their buying behaviors. The better your understanding of users, the more personalized and effective your campaigns are.

Personalized messaging

Track user interests and behavior across different channels, understand what they’re most likely to purchase to create notifications that encourage repeat purchases.

Multi-channel marketing automation

It takes on average 7 impressions for a potential prospect to convert to a sale. Trigger messages based on user actions across multiple channels: SMS, E-mail, Facebook and Google. Track engagement and click through rates at an individual level to improve ROI on marketing efforts.

Tailored recommendations

Send product recommendations and offers tailored to each individual user based on their interests, demographic details, purchase patterns and website engagement patterns

Predictive analytics

Leverage the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to predict a customers propensity to buy, propensity to upsell, propensity to engage and lifetime value. Using this, tailor marketing efforts to only those customers with a positive LTV to marketing spend ratio.

Easy to Use

Our POS platform is easy to use and simple to understand. With minimal knowledge required to get started, it can be almost used by anyone, anywhere with just one hour of hands on training.

In Built CRM

Customers are the core of any business and we understand how important customer journey is for a Spa or a Salon. BillEz provides advance tools to manage all your customer information and contact details while you run your business. Our in built CRM not only helps you manage your sales but also establish an unprecedented customer relationship.

Powerful reporting

Gain instant visibility into all areas of your business with Billez’s powerful reporting and visualization tools. Share reports and alerts to anyone, anywhere. We provide all of the reporting features you need to create complex reports that look attractive and are easy to read and understand.

Integrated SMS and Email Platform

Our POS platform comes equipped with an SMS and email platform that lets you build and send email campaigns to reach out to your customers instantly. We even provide SMS and Email open rates so that you can optimize your campaigns and make the most of that precious marketing dollars.

Loyalty programs

Our POS platforms support 4 different kinds of membership and loyalty program so as to best suit the needs of your business. Track and treat your highly loyal customers different with different privileges and pricing schemes with absolutely no extra effort at all.

Smart Digital Receipts

Our smart receipts instantaneously establish merchants digital connect with the customer. Bridging the missing digital link in offline retailing. Digital connect once established, is transformed into a data-driven long-lasting customer experience and communication medium.

Plug N Play

Smart digital receipt is a Plug n Play SaaS-based solution. Capability to hook on to any Billing system without writing a single line of code. The digital transformation comes with zero switchover cost. No process and infrastructure change, smartest digital solution available for the offline retailer as of date. We can digitize and Billing system in less than a minute for any vertical in retail.

Transaction linked feedback

Billez's feedback platform collects information in a systematic manner that link back not only to the transaction for which the user has provided the feedback but also to the service, product, time and service provider involved during the transaction so that you can take immediate action so as to keep the customer happy and coming for more.

Actionable insights

Each feedback received is processed through a NLP based AI engine to analyze feedback received in real time and to help you take immediate action for every negative feedback, thereby increasing customer goodwill.

Linked to marketing automation

The feedback system is tightly coupled to our marketing automation platform and you can trigger automated personalized responses over SMS and email based on the feedback given by your customer.

Hear from our customers

Megha Dinesh

Owner, Meghavi Spalon & Cafe, Spa & Wellness Consultant and Trainer

Billez's SMS and email platform has truly been outstanding in automating personalized marketing messages. The best feature has to be the ability to track engagement rates of e-mail and SMS campaigns at an individual customer level so that we could optimize our marketing campaigns to the best extent possible.

Satya Rachamalla

Founder & Creative Director at Aakaara Salon & Beauty

Billez's 360 degree profiling system has truly exceeded expectations in helping us better understand our customers at a granular level. This has hugely helped us in building the right kind of brand image and service expectations that cater to the needs and lifestyle of our regular clientele.

Mohit Prashant

Partner, Lamani Bridal Studio and UniSex salons

After struggling for a long period of time to collect and analyze customer feedback from our offline stores, implementing Billez's feedback solution has truly been a revelation for us. Now, not only are we receiving instant feedback linked to each customer transaction but also the ability to analyze the feedback has helped us tremendously in immediately responding to unsatisfied customers and building long--lasting meaningful relationships with our best customers.

Ram Koniki

Owner, Salon Koniki

Our billing process involves several complex, unique scenarios revolving around memberships, discounts and personalized billing. Billez's POS solution has been remarkable in covering all these use cases efficiently with the additional benefit of a slick and easy-to-learn User Interface.