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Why creating a salon blog during COVID-19 is a smart idea

If you have a website for your salon, you should also have a blog. And here’s why.    

For several reasons, salon blogs are helpful. Above all, blog posts will trigger local traffic to your web. People spend a lot of time surfing the internet with more people at home now than ever. You can find people searching in Google about salons that are open and offer promotions or discounts in their area. Websites also updated with fresh related content appear to be liked by Google. It can send a signal to search engines by posting to your blog which lets you share new information with readers and increases your rankings for the search engines. 

By publishing a new article on your salon blog, it gives you something to post about that will keep your social media profiles or email list current. Have a new service offering – Blog about it. Offering a discount on gift cards? Blog about it. Want to communicate how to visit the salon from you with social distancing in mind? Blog about it. Then link to that blog article on your social media profiles or email newsletter to drive traffic to your restaurant website. Customers will be happy to see that you’re being proactive in communicating with them.

You dominate the narrative by publishing your own content. Using your blog as your outlet for storytelling. Show consumers that you are in touch with the environment and the local community. You may want to share the steps you take to ensure protection or an employee who works hard during this period. In the coronavirus pandemic salons would be some of the most who are taking serious hits, communicating to your customers is important to humans.

Connect with them and give them a reason to trust you.

It is this simple act that allows you to get a loyal following for now and for the future