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5 marketing strategies for your business to navigate through the Coronavirus

We all know that COVID-19 created a great deal of confusion for the business owners. You’re probably concerned about how this would affect you and whether anything can be done to help.
Now it’s time to put a major emphasis on what marketing businesses can do, with the least cost while delivering the highest ROI.

Here are 5 practical marketing strategies you can implement and create an impact as much as possible.

Concentrate on your loyal customers:
For any marketing, it is typically the toughest to attract a brand new consumer to visit your salon for the first time. If you have loyal customers, the time to stay in touch with them is now. Retention with an existing customer is much more cost-effective than seeking new clients.

Use Social Media to your advantage:
Ramp your presence on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and on other platforms. Increase the number of posts and improve your content. Always look to get more involved in the conversations with your customers and to put out general updates.

Email them regularly:
Use email marketing is a smart way to further improve your presence in these challenging times. If you have a list of emails of your customers and are allowed to contact them then send daily updates.

Call them :
It’s nice listening to a human voice in these hard times. Contact your customers to see how they are doing, and ask if there is something your salon can do to benefit them. Once again, calls should be conversational, supportive and above all leave the customers with a good feel.

Text your customers:
SMS could be a convenient way to get in touch with clients. It will allow you to give them updates quickly, without too much disruption. One key tip is not to constantly harass a customer across all those networks.

Bonus Tip :

Optimize your website accordingly:
Once the worst is over, and life returns to normal. It’s a good thing not to drop out with your SEO activities in this time of great instability. As you already know, it’s very important to have your website rated highly for the words your customers are searching for.

Once things get better you need to be in a good spot for your website.