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How to communicate with your employees & customers effectively

As the number of illnesses and deaths continues to increase, companies are expected to be in place with flexible working structures and to protect their employees when managing their everyday business.

Platforms for collaboration and teamwork can help businesses arrange online meetings, plan collaborative projects.

Companies are trying to communicate by email, video conferencing[using tools such as Google hangouts or zoom], messaging apps like slack and other social media, to get things done smoothly.

But we here at Billez have jotted down a few keys that help to improve the overall efficiency of employees who are working from home.

Set Your Goals Clear: You can’t have employees working efficiently if they don’t have a clear target to reach for. If a goal is not well established, employees will be less efficient.


Effective Coordination: Any manager knows that the secret to successful work is coordination.


Have the big picture in mind:  Stuff that may now sound like wasteful time usage to you, can potentially be beneficial in the long run. So, before thinking that it was an obvious waste of time, ask yourself how that would help your company


But the real problem arises on how the companies are communicating with their audience.

With that being said, having constant communication with your consumers is also important because with being locked down there is a high possibility that they might forget your brand.

Here where Billez provides its clients with a Retail Marketing Automation platform through which salons can easily send customized SMS and emails to their customers.

With features such as scheduling, customization of emails, business owners can easily be in touch with their audience by providing them the latest updates via Email & SMS.

Looking at the current scenario communicating with your audience is much more crucial than ever before.

With this being said salons should really use the digital solutions which Billez provides to be engaging with their audience in this trying situation.

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