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9 Ideas to Boost the Sales of your Salon/Spa

If you are worried about the number of footfalls in your salon, then we are here with some tips which will boost the sales of your salon/spa. The ultimate goal of every salon business is sales and understanding the ideas to boost it is no rocket science. You can follow implement these ideas and expect a good amount of sales.

1. Loyalty program:

Your customers would be on top of the world if you provide them a great loyalty program. Keep it simple and beneficial for them. It can be add on, discounts or cash backs. When salon management software understands your customer database it’s easy for them to come up with accurate loyalty program. In this way you can expect the clients to visit again because they are receiving something extra from your salon.

2. Referrals:

This basically means that you need to be connected with your customers always. Ask your loyal customers for referrals via emails. If they are satisfied with your services, they will surely spread the word about the salon in their circle and also give you referrals. In this way you can target new customers and garner revenue.

3. Networking:

Attend various events and gatherings related to salon, spa, beauty, skin and hair care. Network with people, tell them about your salon, and know about their salon or spa business. Here, you can also tie up with any salon or spa if there’s any service that they don’t provide. You can ask them to refer your salon to the clients and likewise you can do the same. By doing this you are spreading awareness and bringing your salon in limelight.

4. Capture Leads:

Don’t forget to mention CTA on your website or a contact form. Today, people want everything quickly so if you are not available for them in just one click they might lose interest and move away to some other website. Salon management software helps you with capturing leads and opting for one is a better idea for tasks like these.

5. Blogs:

Write blogs where you give tips, advice and suggestions related to hair and skin care. This is a great way to build a relationship with your client and also acquire new clients. Useful information is always valued by the customers and they look forward to your services and products then.

6. Social Media:

It’s an effective and inexpensive tool for marketing. Make complete use of it to connect with your clients and engage them. Run contests and give rewards for them. In this way your audience will be hooked to your page. Keep your social media pages attractive and active all the time. Post trendy and relatable content so that people remember you and you are on the top of their mind always.

7. Hygiene:

Salons and spas are a place where people come for grooming and relaxation. It’s obvious that they would expect cleanliness and things to be in order. Hygiene has to be your priority and there’s no way that you can escape it, for increasing sales. This is the first thing that clients look for while selecting a salon. Train your staff to always maintain hygiene in the salon even if there’s lot of work pressure.

 8. Friendly staff:

Your staff should try and connect with the customers, they should make them feel comfortable and at ease. The entire process of grooming is done by the staff so the customers should have a happy and satisfactory experience with them. This is one of the very other reasons that your customers would turn up again. Always keep your staff motivated and happy so that they pass the same aura to the customers. Give them incentives and perks.

9. Product placement and understanding:

You might also have products in your salon. Place them appropriately. Create a space in your salon which is evident and will catch the customers’ attention easily. Segregate the products according to their use and benefits. Make it easier for the customers to identify the right product for them. While using certain products on them, explain them about it, the benefit of it. Let them have a look at it, touch and feel it. You can probably club few products and make a kit. This sells more. Place it at the reception with other smaller products. 

If you follow all the above mention steps you have a greater chance to increase your sales and revenue generation.