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Why your Salon probably needs a Customer Loyalty Program

“Happy customers go a long way.” Yes, that’s the truth every business must follow. Your salon business is for the people hence providing them with not only the best service but an experience altogether in the entire journey is very important. Many things go behind giving the customer an unbeatable experience, out of which customer loyalty program is one of them. 

A salon loyalty program is a rewards system offered by a salon to its returning customers. Such programs may give a customer coupons, vouchers, cash backs, gift cards, free merchandise, or even new products ahead of official release. When we talk about loyalty program, firstly salons need to maintain transparency with their customers and keep it simple for them to understand their policies. In this way you can ensure that your customers won’t change paths and only stick with you. 

Customer loyalty program is necessary for salons because retaining an existing customer is much easier, inexpensive and appropriate method for growing your salon business. It’s an insight that an existing customer spends more than a new one. 

How Customer Loyalty Program Works:
  • After understanding your customer profile via salon management software you will be able to differentiate between regular and occasional customers. This will help you to come up with accurate loyalty programs for each type of customers. To develop suitable loyalty programs salon management software is the best tool for you because they know your customer profile completely. 
  • You can give special rewards and offers to the most frequent and regular customers. Nothing makes them feel happier than being given a status of a very important person in your salon. Provide these customers with exclusive deals, discounts and special treatment. 
  • Next can be points system. It’s easy to implement and works better for the clients. You can give them redeemable points for every activity they do with our salon. You can lay down your condition of redeeming the points in cash or service, whichever you think is suitable and appropriate. 
  • You can also set a limit where customers gain a certain amount of discount or added service after say 5 purchases or visits. This keeps them hooked up to your salon. 
  • Today, social media rewards are extremely crucial. People love it and look forward to it. They engage and participate in it. You can give rewards to the customers that talk about your salon on social media. Ask them to post transitional pictures or videos and give them discounts. This will give you an additional benefit of awareness and word of mouth. 
Simple Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty Program

1.When you give more than what is expected to an existing customer it gives them satisfaction and they tend to try other services and products from your salon too.

2. If salons offer discounts and gift cards on every referral, customers would refer more clients and in this way you will gain word of mouth too.

3. Usually customers hesitate to give out their private information such as their email id and contact number, but when they sign up for a loyalty program they build a sense of trust and give out the information needed. Through this you build a strong database and can further come up with effective marketing strategies. 

Loyalty programs cannot be disorganized, hence to ensure that you come up with only the best one you should not miss onto the salon management software available.