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Why you need to have a Product Line in your Salon

Right now your salon might be providing the best of services and also have a decent number of customers. But here’s a simple idea which you might have already heard of, but is very effective and can take your salon business to the next level. And that is Product Line. 

Importance of Product Line

A product line acts as a cherry on the cake for salons. It’s like an extension and an added identity. A service remains with them for a shorter period of time but a product stays with them for a longer period of time. It’s a good idea to come up with a product line in the central stages of your business when you have a fair positioning in the salon market. 

Put up all kinds of products that are related to beauty, hair and skin care. Introduce it in a grand manner. Don’t keep unrelated products because that might change the way people perceive your salon. Your philosophy and culture would be tampered. Stay in lines with your culture. For instance, if your salon says that you only use natural items for providing services then your products should also be made of natural ingredients. The products that you put up for sale should be seen used by you in the salons while providing services to the customers. This helps to build trust in the hearts of the customers. 

Placement of the products in the salon is also very important. Place them appropriately. Create a space in your salon which is evident and will catch the customers’ attention easily. Segregate the products according to their use and benefits. Make it easier for the customers to identify the right product for them. While using certain products on them, explain them about it, the benefit of it. Let them have a look at it, touch and feel it. You can probably club few products and make a kit. This sells more. Place it at the reception with other smaller products. Your staff should encourage them to buy the products as they know about a particular client, their skin and hair type. 

Market your product with creative strategies. Don’t impose the products on the customers. Blend the products nicely with your services. The customers should themselves feel like they need it and it is beneficial. You can come up with deals where in you can give a certain product free on a service that they avail. Once they try it, you can expect them buy it during their next visit.

Use social media for marketing the products. Post videos and blogs where you state out the benefits of the products. You can also ask clients to drop in their reviews or transitional pictures/videos after using the product. Hold events and gatherings especially for your product line where you talk about various hair and skin problems faced by people and how your products can help them overcome it.

This will create awareness and increased engagement rate. Many salons provide only services and don’t think of coming up with a product line, but it’s never a bad idea to carry out something new which will attract the customers.