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How to define your Unique Salon Brand Identity?

Why does your Salon need to have a Unique Brand Identity?

There is cut throat competition out there for salons and there’s a possibility that you might get lost in the crowd. Salons have to be really unique to stand out and remain at the top of the mind of the customers. Though the services you provide might be common, but the way you provide it, how differently can you make your customers feel special is essential. 

The look and feel of your salon should be distinct. People should identify it in just one glance. Of course a lot of elements need to be considered for achieving that unique brand identity. Firstly strive to be original, have your own exclusive style and shape a personality for your salon. A personality that the audience would relate and get attracted to. 

How you can achieve this?

Create a philosophy for your salon brand. Maintain a specific tradition in your salon that the entire team abides to. For instance, you can have a philosophy of being natural. You can say that your salon believes in natural constituents and it doesn’t have any products that consist of artificial ingredients. 

Design a really catchy logo and tagline. Hammer it in the minds of people through creative marketing strategies. Always be upbeat and active. You are a salon brand, there’s no scope of being dull. And this should reflect in everything, services to marketing strategies. The ambience of your salon should also be in lines with the philosophy. People will believe in you when they see the entire salon breathing the tradition and philosophy. Provide the audience with an experience, blend your salon in their lives, they should feel like your salon is adding some meaning to their lives. 

Don’t help them in meeting the so called beauty standards of the society, instead make them feel good in the way they are. Just enhance the features that they already have. Boost their confidence. 

Update yourself with the new marketing trends but avoid doing everything that other salons might be doing. Sometimes people just follow the trend blindly but you can stay out of it and create a trend in itself. But you must have a genuine and convincing reason for not adopting the trend. 

Your customers should recognize you and speak about you in the market.

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