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How to use Email Marketing for your Salon

Email marketing is a tool that is often neglected and not used up to its mark. It’s a quick and powerful asset for salon businesses for marketing, building customer relationships and brand loyalty, two thirds of businesses list email marketing as their highest earner in terms of Return on investment. It’s a simple and effective client relationship management tool. 9 out of 10 consumers prefer email marketing because it gives out the message in a snap. 

How do you go about with email marketing? 


  1. Contact list: Every customer that walks in your salon is your contact. Make sure that you collect their email ids and have a profile of each one of them. To make your work easier you can opt for salon management software. They collect, manage and analyse data for you. A customer profile is all you need to build for successful marketing.
  2. Customer Loyalty: Your emails are for the customers so they need to be in their favour. Provide them with offers, and customised packages that will engage and make them interact with you. There has to be something that the audience should receive through your mails otherwise your mails will be equal to the ones in their spam. 
  3. Be connected: Don’t disappear in the between, be connected to your audience always. But this doesn’t mean that you bombard them with your emails. Be specific and indulge them in a conversation by giving them reasons such as special offers. Keep it particularly for email guests so that they can subscribe and interact. 
  4. Captivating subject line: These days people receive thousands of emails and sometimes your email might get lost in the clutter. To make your email stand out your subject line needs to be compelling. Use persuasive language that will make them open the email. It should always address them and give a hint of what is there for them in the email. 
  5. Create a great offer: You need to be on the top of their mind for them to avail your services. Therefore, create offers that will persuade them.Come up with great offers at the right time. Promote your services, products; add on services, special offers. Create customized packages, deals and promote them. Make complete use of occasions and festivals because that is the best time for you. Encourage them to buy your services and make them feel the need for it. Lastly, keep reminding them about your offers, especially when it’s about to end. Salon management software might help you get all these things done easily and in no time.  
  6. Maximize exposure: Every promotion needs to be re-delivered to gain maximum exposure. You need more number of opens and clicks, so reschedule an offer as a reminder to book a service. 
  7. Be consistent: Your audience checks their inbox everyday and every hour. This is the best way to stay in touch with your existing and potential customers. Have a friendly connect with them and make them feel a part of your salon community. 

     Now is the time, if you’re still not using email marketing then go for it! Make your task easy and select salon management software. You will surely see a change in the numbers of your business through this. 

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