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Effective Marketing Tips for Salons

You might have a really amazing salon with the best of services and expertise but if you don’t market it well, you might face difficulty in attracting the customers. Traditional marketing is effective, but along with it today you need to focus more on modern marketing. Modern marketing is more personalised and effective; it appeals the audience and attracts them to try your services. 

  • As you are into salon and spa business it’s important for you to be connected to each and every customer of yours; and understand their needs, likes, dislikes, etc thoroughly. If you feel it’s already too much of work managing a salon then you should go for salon management software, because it studies your salon business and gives marketing solutions. Through this you can serve the clients correctly and in a better way. You also have to market your services in a personalized manner. Every customer should feel that you have exclusive deals and plans for them to avail. Make them feel unique. Under direct marketing you can… 
  1. Send emails: Send personalized emails to your customer communicating about the various services, offers, best deals that you have in store for them. Address them in the mail, don’t keep it generic. Provide them with customised deals according to the services that they have opted for in the past or something that they would like to try. Try to keep the message visual and not textual. Read more about Email Marketing Tips.
  2. Send SMS: Keep it short, crisp and on point. Send messages for reminders or for discounts and deals that are for a day. Mention CTA in the messages. Use language that would encourage them to click on the link and book an appointment. Be regular with your messages and emails, don’t disappear in between. Keep prompting them so that they don’t forget you and you are on the top of their mind whenever they think of a salon. 
  • It’s an effective and inexpensive method of marketing today. It’s specific and gives you creative liberty. It helps you with accurate data analytics, lead generation, conversion rates, real time results and excellent outreach. 
  1. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are great platforms to market your salon. You can show visuals of your services and engage the audience with your content. You can ask people to share their experiences, transitional pictures/ videos or drop in their reviews. This leads to awareness and word of mouth. You can run ads and target specific audience that you want to. Contests and giveaways work a lot on social media especially for a category like salon.
  2. Blogs: You can publish blog articles where in you can give information about hair and skin care to people. Give them tips, suggestions and ideas. Speak about innovations and trends. Your blogs should provoke them to try out your ideas; this will make them remember you whenever they will think of a salon. Make them understand that you are giving more than just a service to them. 

There are many marketing tactics, but for a salon business these are the appropriate and effective ones. They are also tried and tested by some renowned salons, so you can surely rely on them.