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How to Retain Customers in your Salon?

In this continuously evolving world, there are so many changes that take place. Everybody and every business has become so dynamic that if you are not, then buddy you seriously are on the verge of getting kicked out of the game. People’s likes, dislikes, priorities change every minute due to so much of options available in the market for every category. Not to forget influence plays an important role here. 

Salons have a lot of competition, and to overcome it and catch a hold on your customers you need to have a plan prepared. Remember that every customer of yours is unique and along with your services they also expect to have an amazing experience with you. Little things in your salon business matter for your customers to stay loyal to you. 

Now if you are thinking to chalk out a plan for retaining your customers we are here to help you with it. 

Loyalty Program:

This is the most important step for customer retention; therefore you cannot go wrong with it. Managing a salon is not an easy task and you might need someone to draft out an accurate loyalty program. You must look for salon management software that is best at it and will perform all the activities related to loyalty program from planning, executing to reminding on your behalf. You very well know that no one has ever said a no to discounts or rewards? So provide your frequent customers with loyalty programs; this will keep them associated with you. Maintain transparency and make sure that your customers have understood about your loyalty programs so that they avail it without any inconvenience. 

Give attention:

Salon is a place where people come for relaxation and some pampering. So, the minute a customer enters your salon he/she expects to be attended and taken care of since then. Listen and answer to everything that they say or ask. Strike a conversation with them and try to understand their interests, likes, dislikes, etc. Give them hair and skin care tips. But don’t go overboard and ask too many questions that are personal, give them time to open up. Once they develop a sense of trust they will surely talk about their upcoming plans or events when they will need your services. Gradually, the customer will know that you know their preferences better and will not think of switching to any other salon because no one would like to take a risk with their skin or hair. 

Reward new clients:

New clients are an opportunity for you. Don’t fail at pleasing them. Reward them with a great deal as it’s their first appointment with your salon. This will encourage them to visit again. 

Work on feedback:

Always ask your customer about their experience with your salon. It will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses better. Work on them continuously, value the feedback and act on it. Salon management software helps you with collecting and analyzing feedback and further helps you with solutions.

Be connected:

Always make sure that you are making things easier for your customers. Just after their session with you, ask or inform them about re-booking. Educate them about the benefits and procedure of every session and when will they need the next treatment. They should have a belief that you care about them and you want them to return. 


Conduct events and invite your frequent customers. Hold contests there for them where you give discounts, cash cards, and gift cards as rewards. Keep it not only for them but for their friends and family as well. Make complete use of occasions and festivals. This will lead to word of mouth which is of utmost importance. By the end of the day your customers should feel valued by you and half of your work is done there. 

These are some of the ways in which you can retain your customers and have them on board for a longer period of time.