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New Feature : Inventory Management

We bring to you another feature of Billez salon software management and that is Inventory
management. In a salon there are so many different kinds of products and sometimes it is difficult to
keep an account of their stock. There must have been times when you would have fallen short on some
products and were unaware of it until the last minute or sometimes you might have re-stocked products
that were already enough in number. Don’t worry, we don’t blame you for it because there are lot many
things you need to handle and sometimes such errors happen.

But to avoid such errors the inventory management feature of Billez would be helpful. It keeps a systematic record of all the products, its usage, requirement and also sends you timely reminders for re-stocking. It makes your work so much easier. It is clutter free and is organized in terms of segregatingproducts according its usage, brand, etc.

We think you would surely not want to miss out on this feature of Billez.

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