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Membership – Amount, Pricelist, Percentage and Hour based

Salon is a place where people come to be relaxed, rejuvenated and groom themselves. It’s a break from
their busy world. Often people term it at their “me time.” All they expect is comfort, hygiene and a
feeling of homeliness. It’s the duty of salon owners to make them feel like a part of the salon.

To take it a step further and bring your customers back to you always, Billez salon management
software has brought a feature of Membership to you. You can make your customers members of the
salon. You can issue membership cards to them with certain benefits that they can avail for in your

Billez designs 4 types of membership cards. They are amount, price-list, percentage and hour based. The
Amount membership card is nothing but a card with certain number of points in it and the customers
can use to while their bill payment. The customers can pay through those points.

The customers, who would choose the Pricelist membership card, will be given a different rate card in
the salon. The prices of the services for them would be at a subsidised rate. Percentage membership
card would give them a certain amount of discount every time they visit the salon. An Hour based
membership card would give them the benefit of paying a fixed amount for specific period of time,
nothing less nothing more.

This acts like an added benefit to the customers and helps you to build a strong relationship with them.

To know more about this feature of Billez salon management software, you can drop in a mail at