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RFM-Recency, Frequency, Monetary

Billez salon management has got the most useful and beneficial tool for your salon. Instead of keeping
all your data scattered and not analyzed you can easily have everything in place by using this tool.
Numbers of clients, the services that they availed, how frequently did they visit, billing amount are all
studied by Billez and made simpler for you to understand. It categorizes your clients into VIP, loyal
customer and new customer.

Through this you can understand which category of customers needs your attention more and you can
also come up with accurate marketing solutions accordingly. Out of so many customers visiting your
salon daily it is sometimes difficult to differentiate them and remember the services they opted for.

Even if you might have it in your database, it wouldn’t be organized and categorized. This is necessary
because you can’t cater in a similar way to all your customers. Each and every one of them is different.
Billez has made your life easy and brought you this tool.

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