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How to choose the right Salon Management Software

Whenever people listen to the word “salon” or “spa” all they can think of is relaxation, grooming, refreshment and rejuvenation. But sadly they don’t know about the countless efforts salon managers put in to put up the best show. Behind the scenes of a salon is completely chaotic but it can never be visible in the forefront because that’s the beauty of it. It’s almost like an art, where the artist puts in so many efforts, faces difficulties but makes his art form the best in front of the audience. 

If you thought that you would have to manage all this alone for the entire lifetime of your salon, then we have a little good news for you here. Now you can easily handle all your tasks by choosing salon management software that helps you with booking appointments to marketing solutions. Yes! You heard that right; they share your burden and keep you it at ease. Now even you can be relaxed and give your best to the clients with a smile on your face always. ☺ 

The question that arises now is – How do I choose a salon management software? 

Sit back and relax because by the end of this article you will surely know which software will be the best for your salon/ spa. 

Firstly understand your needs. Do you want a software that does marketing automation, billing, inventory management, employee management, loyalty program, customer profiling, data analytics or appointment scheduling? 

There is some software that specializes in only one tool and there are some that provide more than one tool.

• If you want to increase the footfall then opt for marketing automation that creates personalized messages for your existing and prospective customers. The messages are created after analyzing the customer database and profile thoroughly. Once you are aware about each and every customer behavior you can craft individual messages including the factors and features. Marketing automation software helps you to have different marketing strategies for different objectives, be it awareness, growth, promotions, sales, reinforcement, etc. 

  • A Point of sale (pos) software is useful for inventory management, billing, employee management; customer profiling and feedback analysis. When it comes to inventory management the software keeps a track of all the products in your salon. It gives you timely reminders for restocking and data about the frequency of usage and product availability. 
  • To provide your customers with the best of services and experiences it’s important to understand their needs and behavior. Every customer is different and maintaining every customer’s profile is helpful for the salon. Their feedback matters the most, because on the basis of that you can know if the customer is satisfied or not and also make necessary changes and innovations. A pos software does it all from feedback collection to its analysis. 
  • It’s an excellent tool for employee management too. You can keep a track on the number of hours an employee has worked, their check in and checkout time. It’s becomes so easy for you in this way, instead of keeping a handy record of the employees. 
  • Loyalty program software designs a rewards system for your returning customers. Such programs may give a customer coupons, vouchers, cash backs, gift cards, free merchandise, or even new products ahead of official release. It differentiates between the regular and occasional customers and provides loyalty programs accordingly. 
  • Appointment booking software erases all the hassle and manages all the bookings easily on your behalf. Many booking software solutions come with online capabilities, allowing your customers to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments without having to call in. A few even allow for online pre-payments. Imagine having nothing to do other than focusing on your customers while the software looks after everything accurately, isn’t it relieving? 

We hope that you have already chosen one for your salon business while reading this article. And if not then get going soon and free yourself from all the madness and stress that goes behind building a salon. 

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