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Manage Employees Effectively using BillEz

One of the most important and tedious job of a salon manager is handling the employees. With so much
on your plate already this becomes much of a task. But just when you cannot think of escaping it Billez
salon management software is here to help you with Employee management.

Billez keeps a record of all the employees in your salon. Their working hours, check in time, check out
time and other activities. It has track over their attendance too. Their performance, numbers of clients
attended is other things that Billez looks after.

It’s easy to access and you can have a look at it whenever you feel like to check the progress or make
any changes.

This feature of Billez salon management software will be really helpful for your salon while you easily
pay attention at giving the best to the clients.

To get in touch with Billez drop in a mail at hello@billez.in