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Why is feedback essential and how to work on it?

“Customer bhagwaan hota hai” 

We have been listening to this thought since years and businesses still believe in it. It’s a fact because a satisfied customer is a sign that your business is growing. To make a customer or client happy you first need to understand their behaviour, need and expectation. Once you know all this you will be able to serve them better. 

The most effective method of understanding a customer is through feedback. It’s a simple way to study your customer because there are no assumptions in it; the customer himself/herself states their thoughts and reviews. After analysing it you will know how well or bad your salon is doing. While you are managing a salon there are so many aspects that you have to look into, so what if we tell you that salon management software makes your work easier and manages the entire process of collecting, organising and analysing the feedback. 

Feedback is essential because: 

  • You can provide your customers with what they actually want and expect. You might have general services but every customer is different and so are their needs. When you give them customised services, they know that you value them and they won’ think of switching to any other salon. 
  • Not only with your services, but feedback also helps you understand your staff’s performance. 
  • It also gives you an idea about your pricing system. You will know if the customers are happy with the prices of the products and services and if you are affordable or not. Through feedback you will also understand if you are meeting the salon industry standards or not. 
  • Your feedback form will help you to do a SWOT analysis, i.e., Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. 
  • Sometimes the customer feedback will tell you the USP of your salon. That one thing that brings them back to your salon always. 
  • Through customer feedback you will be able to differentiate between your loyal and occasional customers. It will help you to come up with strategies for every category of customers. Salon management software does a comprehensive study of this and helps you to create strategies. 
  • If you are thinking of expansion then you better analyse the feedback first and then plan things. The idea of expansion always carries a certain amount of risk, so if you know customer preferences then you might cut out on some amount of risk and expect a decent revenue generation. 
  • Your marketing strategies also depend on the feedback. When you know the customer behaviour, you will also know how to influence them. 
  • When your existing customers give you a positive feedback you can use that to attract new customers. People usually believe on testimonials and reviews. 

When you gather feedback, don’t forget to act on it. Value the feedback and work on it as mentioned above by using salon management software. It plays a very crucial role in taking your salon business to a new level.