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Customer Profiling

For your salon business to be successful, you need to understand your customers better. In the end they are the ones who are going to avail your services, so all your efforts and analysis should focus on attracting them and giving them the best of services and experiences. 

You should know the customers’ behavior, their needs, likes, dislikes, etc. A little information about the important events, days of their lives also helps you with providing them with services at the right time. You are in a salon business; you need to know the time when your customers might need you the most. This makes them happy knowing that you care for them and understand them. 

But out of the huge number of clients that visit your salon, it’s a bit difficult to have a clear understanding about each and every one of them by yourself and also remember them. Now is when Billez makes a heroic entry and saves you from this tedious task. It does customer profiling for you, where in it collects the customers’ details, studies and analyses it and stores a summary about it. It maintains a record of the services they have availed for in the past and also helps you with understanding the type of service they might opt for in the future. It also helps you in coming up with customized packages for clients according to their behavior. In this way you can give quality services to the clients and keep them satisfied. 

Billez salon management software is all you need to implement this feature. 

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