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The future of Indian beauty and salon industry

The beauty and salon industry is growing rapidly with a huge base of consumers entering it every year at a rate of 15-20% . It is no more the hidden, unspoken subject in the country because of its emerging trends, skills and excellent services. It’s growing at a decent rate and is currently estimated at USD 950 million is pegged at USD 2.68 Billion by 2020. With technologies coming in and everything getting digitized, the consumers demand for innovation, unique services, flexibility, etc. is increasing with time.


Salons are continuously upgrading themselves and are in tough competition with the mobile-enabled home services business models. But nevertheless salons are focusing on data analytics and knowing their customers deeply to provide them with the best of services.


Currently, women are the ones who contribute over 80% to the  salon industry revenue while men are still getting a hang on it. There’s an enormous growth in the Indian Cosmetics Industry due to beauty concerns arising among men and women both. Digital media acts as a big influence for this. They feel the urge of visiting a salon or trying on beauty and cosmetic products. The Indian beauty care market is likely to become the main contributor to the growth of Indian wellness industry that consists of salons, cosmetic products and cosmetic treatment centres.


There’s a lot of potential in the Indian beauty and salon industry.


People have purchasing power and so they want to spend and look the best. They are becoming more beauty conscious and this is the reason that the sales in the cosmetic market is increasing swiftly. The industry is only expanding. It is gradually penetrating into the rural markets too. 


Women are interested in grooming themselves and care about their hair and skin. But today even men have become alert and are showing interest in the beauty products. Lately people have become very conscious about their skin and refuse to use products that are made with artificial ingredients. They are using products that are natural and herbal and are safe for their skin.


Soon, we are going to witness a big jump in the beauty and salon industry with more and more people entering it steadily.