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Transactional Feedback

Salons are in a continuous process of making their services better and personalised for their customers. Customers are jittery, their preferences, likes, dislikes change very quickly. You can’t assume things, every now and then you have to study their behaviour. What is a better way of understanding a customer than asking them itself about their preferences and our performance? This is when feedback comes in the picture. It’s so important and useful for salons to understand customer satisfaction and their expectations. 

Sometimes, customers tend to ignore the feedback forms and you lose onto it then. To avoid such situations Billez salon management software has got a quick solution for you. It sends a feedback form to the customer along with their digitised bill. So when they view the bill they can also give a quick feedback with just a few clicks. 

Customers like this option more than the usual method of giving feedback. Billez has made it effortless for the customers as well as the salons. Further it also studies the feedback and provides you with detailed analysis and solutions. 

Undoubtedly, Billez salon management software is your saviour! 

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