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Marketing Automation for Offline Retailers

Unlike with many other marketing initiatives, automating your marketing processes and using workflows have one major benefit – they save you time.

Why marketing automation?

If I asked you: As an offline business, what do you do to sell more products? – you’d probably talk to me about running sales promotions, optimizing your website for search engines, or doing paid ad campaigns in social media.

Less likely, you’d mention that you’re trying to reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks, like running email marketing campaigns.

Which is a shame, because you could easily reduce costs and save time by automating even just one of the following processes:

  • onboarding new customers
  • segmenting leads and customers based on their preferences or actions
  • reactivating inactive contacts for better deliverability
  • following up with your recent customers with related offers
  • or asking them to leave a review of the product they’ve bought.

If your business has already been running for a decent amount of time, and you’ve gone so far without proper marketing automation, there’s much more to be achieved.

Each additional process you automate can generate a higher return.

And you’ve probably already got a lot of content to fill your automated workflows with, which isn’t the case for businesses that are just starting out.

In other words, don’t let common misconceptions distract you from the value you can achieve by automating your marketing communication.

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