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Never loose a customer

Billez Is Cloud based solution meaning you can access your salon /spa sales data any time and any where

Fastest way to get a POS

Billez is using AI to find purchase patterns of customer and suggest merchant better insights about store sales

Feed back system made easy

Billez is providing all in one customer marketing campaigns from single place

Inexpensive cost of ownership

Using Billez merchants can create custom customer segment and able to create journey for customers and leads

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Mench Technologies is a start-up aiming at revolutionize the way transactions happen in offline and online retail world.

Billez is a one of a kind SaaS solution, specifically designed to help Offline (Brick & Mortar) retailers thrive in a digital world. Our proprietary AI based automated marketing manager Birbal takes decisions using state of the art machine learning techniques to acquire valuable customers and improve customer retention – thereby equipping the SMBs with the marketing prowess of a 800 pound marketing gorilla.

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