Looking for Pre Paid Card Soluction?

Billez is Prepaid Card Solution which could enable you to Provide Cashbacks To Customers and get customer satisfaction

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Prepaid Card Management

Billez card is Total card management system for salons/spa.With Billez card you can design your own beauty/wellness card for your salon/spa so that you can get recurrence customers.
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Gift Card Management

Using Billez card salon/spa can send special festival / occasions. With Gift card you can delight customers with special discounted price for their special occasions.
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Cash Back System

Billez card system has provision to give cashback to your customer, customers love cash, and accruing cash back is a great way to make a customer feel good about frequenting your salon / spa.
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Referral Cards

Billez card has referral system in built, Referral system will increasing your sales cycle by generating leads within the scope of your satisfied customers’ circles of influence, a better way to spend marketing money than cold calling.
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