How to use Email & SMS Marketing to grow your Salon business
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How to use Email & SMS Marketing to grow your Salon business

Out of all the features that Billez salon management software has got, this one’s going to be your
favourite of all. You know that you have to be connected with your customers regularly and
communicate with them always. This is when you will stay in their minds and they will remember you
You also have to market your services in a personalized manner. Every customer should feel that you
have exclusive deals and plans for them to avail. Make them feel unique.
When we talk about modern marketing, it is more personalized and effective; it appeals the audience
and attracts them to try your services. Running timely marketing campaigns is important; you need to
make the customers feel your presence.
Billez salon management software understands the amount of efforts that go behind building a salon
and how many sleepless nights have you gone through for it. Therefore it is here to provide you with
campaign management too. It studies your salon business and gives marketing solutions. Through this
you can serve the clients correctly and in a better way.

Billez creates SMS as well as email campaigns. It sends personalized emails communicating about the
various services, offers, best deals that you have in store for them. It drafts emails that are appealing. As
Billez studies your customers, it knows what kind of deals in the email would entice them.
Billez sends sms that are short, crisp and on point. It sends messages for reminders or for discounts and
deals that are for a day. It uses the kind of language that would encourage the customers to click on the
link and book an appointment. You don’t have to worry about missing anything in the messages because
it’s intelligent and covers everything in the message, even the CTA.
It’s super easy to create sms and email campaigns on Billez, it sets up the custom audience according to
you. It chooses the location of the store you want your customers to visit after reading the sms /email,
selects their purchase history, frequency of visit, gender and filters leads as well.
Billez salon management software does everything for you under one roof.

To get in touch with Billez drop in a mail at hello@billez.in